Financing Investigation Andun IP Litigation Monitoring
AndunIP provides the option to finance your IP project through insurance tools and a system of profit sharing. In the end, your business receives a successfully executed IP protection project throughout China at no cost.
We have more than 500 outstanding international IP lawyer teams that are ready to work synchronously and assist one another in order to achieve the best results for your IP case.
Any project we undertake will start with an extensive investigation. Our team finds the evidence necessary for your case using an innovative approach that includes both offline and online.
Regular online monitoring and inspection provides comprehensive follow-up for continuous IP protection. Once the infringement appears, we are ready to take action.

IP Protection Process


Our approach spans both online and offline environments in order to provide the best services in IP protection.


Through data extraction and analysis we are able to monitor and strike IP infringements online. AndunIP conducts comprehensive monitoring, which provides our lawyers with the required materials and instruments to begin taking action while simultaneously supporting the offline environment.


Even with the best tools for online monitoring, complete IP protection requires action to also be taken offline. Generally, once an infringement link is taken down, it will appear under a different name and address soon after. Thus, while online action is necessary, it is by taking offline action that we are able to get to the core of the IP infringement and eradicate your problem permanently.