Transparency of the Process

Big Data Management

  • Data Reserve

    Integration of multiple data resources such as platform users, cases, clues and reports.

  • Data Transmission

    We are connected with the leading database of IP infringers in China (QiChaCha), which discloses information about found infringements. The disclosure of found infringement information causes “credit pressure” for these companies thereby encouraging them to take responsibility.

  • Data Tracking

    Tracing, monitoring, and forecasting of infringements via data management means.

Intelligent Analysis

Our technology analysis enables us to organize and optimize data for all parts of the IP protection process.
- Analysis of infringement
- Clues and evidence analysis
- Retrieval and review of similar cases
- Industry analysis

Blockchain Protection

Here at AndunIP, we are always preparing for the future, which is why we acknowledge the impact Blockchain technology can have on improving your IP Management. At the moment, AndunIP is registered as a research establishment for the use of Blockchain technology in intellectual property applications.