AndunIP has built a powerful network of lawyers throughout China.


Our professional investigation collects related information to your case.


AndunIP handles civil, criminal and administrative cases with judicial authorities.


Our technologies enable our information collection efforts and smart case handling.

Cloud Platform

SAAS cloud, APP and WeChat mini program supports IP protection efforts.

Investment Institution

Litigation investments result in profit sharing of lawsuit compensation.


IP insurance mitigates risk.

Notary Office

Efficient and prompt notarization support.

Credit System

Infringers are subject to credit pressure.


Infringers will face both online and offline enforcement.

  • 可视化管理

    Visible Management

    The AndunIP platform tracks the entire process.
  • 大数据管理

    Big Data Management

    Data reserve enables smooth case handling.
  • 智能化分析

    Smart Analysis

    IP protection strategy is supported by continuous infringement diagnosis.
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Focus on IP Protection

  • 专利权 Patent
  • 著作权 Copyright
  • 商标权 Trademark
  • 反不正当竞争 Unfair Competition

Client Endorsements

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  • The AndunIP team has struck down over 500 infringements for Xiaomi with remarkable results.

    ————Xiaomi Legal Department

  • AndunIP has been a long-term partner with Tencent. Their team is very reliable and professional.

    ————Tencent Legal Department

  • Having dealt with over 700 patent infringement cases for us, in addition to cleaning up our online market, we would like to extend our gratitude to AndunIP’s hard working Legal Team.

    ————Winners' sun

  • AndunIP’s innovative approach provides cost-free protection against counterfeits. Not only have they saved us money but they have also saved us time.

    ————Yon Ho

  • AndunIP’s ingenious approach to protecting innovation is a practical and effective method for comprehensive IP protection. We have a pleasant cooperation.

    ————DJI Innovation Legal Team

  • AndunIP’s omnipresence keeps piracy infringers at bay.

    ————Alpha Legal Team



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